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Professional integration of graduates (2015)


The survey on the professional integration of graduates is part of the system of surveys on the transition from education to employment. As its primary objective, these surveys want to detect the employment […]


Transnational coverage of news in European Union (2010)

Fracasso, Andrea (Università degli Studi di Trento)
Grassano, Nicola (European Commission, Joint Research Centre)
Vittucci Marzetti, Giuseppe (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)

Data are based on a study on the systemic factors correlated with the transnational media coverage of foreign news. The dataset matches information provided by various data sources in order […]


Italian Labour Force Survey – July (2017)


The Italian Labour Force Survey is the main source of statistical information on the Italian labor market. The information gathered from the population constitutes the basis on which official estimations of employment […]

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New version: Italian Labour Force Survey – April (2016)


The Data Archive releases a new version of the Italian Labour Force Survey – April (2016) survey. The changelog is as follows: version 2.0: data update to the latest release (2017-12-19) with information on […]


New version: 14 Eurobarometer’surveys updated


UniData’s archive has released a new version of the following Eurobarometer’s surveys:   Eurobarometer 79.3: Europe 2020, The Financial and Economic Crisis and European Citizenship (2013) – updated to the last […]