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Italian Labour Force Survey – January (2017)


The Italian Labour Force Survey is the main source of statistical information on the Italian labor market. The information gathered from the population constitutes the basis on which official estimations of employment […]


Household Budget Survey (2016)


The household budget survey (HBS) focuses on consumption expenditure behaviors of households residing in Italy. Such survey has replaced the old one. As deep changes have been introduced in every stage of […]


Multiscopo ISTAT – Time Use (2013-2014)


The survey Time Use is part of an integrated system of social surveys – Multiscopo ISTAT. It’s an important observation instrument for understandin how people organize their daily life and the relations […]

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GESIS Grant: call for application

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GESIS, the largest infrastructure institution for the Social Sciences in Germany, offers the possibility to collaborate with their staff members on projects that may involve, for example, writing a scientific […]