Collection: Eurobarometer

UniData is the official representative for the dissemination of Eurobarometer surveys in Italy. It supplies the Italian updated list of all Eurobarometer surveys carried out to date and the Italian version of questionnaires (if available). UniData provides a free data access for all Italian residents upon registration. Other users could visit the GESIS (Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences) website.



UniData collects the Standard Eurobarometer surveys conducted on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General Communication, Public Opinion Analysis Sector. The surveys are aimed to the measurement and analysis of public opinion trends in all European Union member states and candidate countries. The Standard Eurobarometer is one of the main tools used by European Commission to prepare its own legislative proposals, take decisions and evaluate its work. The studies deal with topics of primary importance for European citizenship, such as EU enlargement, social situation, health, culture, information technology, environment, EURO and defense. The sample of respondents is composed of approximately 1,000 individuals for each country and, changing in every survey, allows to build time series which are an important opportunity for secondary analysis.


UniData provides also the data of the Flash Eurobarometer, an European cross-national survey research programme on attitudes, values and beliefs regarding a wide range of topics in the socio-cultural and socio-political domain, sponsored by the European Commission. The surveys have been conducted since 1987 in all EU member states but, unlike the Standard Eurobarometer, have a more restricted sample (usually about 500 individuals for each country) and it deals with more delimited topics.. The Flash Eurobarometer survey provides information on special target group polls or special topics when required by the European Commission. Not all flash Eurobarometer are available on our website. You can identify those of interest to you here and ask us by e-mail.


The original Eurobarometer surveys' datasets storing and updating are officially entrusted to the GESIS, the German Social Science Data Archive.


Not all Eurobarometer surveys are published on our website; if you don’t find the survey you are looking for please contact us.


Flash Eurobarometer 253: Survey on Tobacco (2009)

Directorate General Press and Communication, Opinion Polls (European Commission)

Eurobarometer 71.1: European Parliament and Elections, Economic Crisis, Climate Change, and Chemical Products (2009)

Directorate General Press and Communication, Opinion Polls (European Commission)

Eurobarometer 72.5: E-Communications, Agriculture, Geographical and Labor Market Mobility, and Knowledge of Antibiotic Use (2009)

Directorate General Communication, Public Opinion Analysis Sector (European Commission)