Streaming culture. Mapping cultural production and consumption in pandemic times (2020-2024)

d'Ovidio, Marianna (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)


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The constraints imposed by the Covid-19 health crisis have led many cultural institutions to reconsider the ways in which they interact with their audiences and to seek new forms of relationship with their stakeholders in a context where physical encounters and face-to-face interaction have been severely limited.


Against this backdrop, the Streaming Culture project aims to investigate how forms of digital production and consumption have changed during the lockdown phase and in the months immediately following, through a unique combination of computational sociology and qualitative methods.

This constitutes a research design that offers the possibility of gaining fundamental knowledge on the patterns of cultural production and consumption in the Lombardy region, with a level of granularity not yet present in existing research. This knowledge can also be the basis on which to rethink policy strategies for public decision-makers and all cultural operators.


The research produced a rich collection of data, both quantitative and qualitative, through the use of mixed methods. The extraction and collection of big data (mainly from the social media profiles of Lombardy’s cultural operators) was flanked by qualitative interviews and digital ethnographies.


In particular, the collection includes five data:

  • a mapping of cultural operators in Lombardy
  • a dataset of a sample of cultural operators enriched with social media profile data
  • Twitter data (IDs only)
  • data from the “Who’s your dealer?” survey
  • eight semi-structured interviews with cultural operators and/or creators

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Topic Classification:

  • SOCIETY AND CULTURE - cultural activities and participation
  • SOCIETY AND CULTURE - social change
  • Nations: Italy

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    Geographical Unit: municipality

    Analysis Unit: individual, organization, event/process

    Universe: Cultural operators in Lombardy

    Sample Procedure: No sampling data

    Weight: No weight used

    Collection Mode: face to face interview, web-based self-administered questionnaire (CAWI), other

    Collection Size: UniData supplies: 4 dataset in CSV format; 1 dataset in SPSS format; 8 interview's transcriptions in MS Word format (ita); 1 questionnaire in PDF format (ita); 1 interview script in PDF format (ita); 1 methodological notes in PDF format (ita); 1 codebook in ZIP format (ita); 1 Data List in PDF format (ita); 1 UniData's archive notes in PDF format (ita) (19 file)


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    1. Antonucci, F., Borodi, V.M., d’Ovidio, M. & Voglino, M. (2023). Gli spazi della cultura nel digitale: una ricerca sulla diffusione e produzione culturale in Lombardia dopo la pandemia di covid-19, in Mortara, A. & Scramaglia, R. (A c. Di) Cambiamenti in mondo instabile. Ambiente, tecnologia e consumi (pp. 103-130). Lumi, Milano

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    Source Contact: Marianna d'Ovidio - Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

    d'Ovidio, Marianna. (2020-2024) Streaming culture. Mapping cultural production and consumption in pandemic times. Gandini, Alessandro [Producer]. Rama, Ilir [Producer]. Antonucci, Federica [Producer]. Borodi, Valeria M. [Producer]. Ricci, Oscar [Producer]. Voglino, Michela [Producer]. Giannotti Mura, Carola L. [Producer]. UniData - Bicocca Data Archive, Milan. Study Number SN249. Data file version 1.0 doi:10.20366/unimib/unidata/SN249-1.0

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