Services for Istat Data

istatUniData provides several services about National Statistical Institute (Istat) data, depending on the data type required. The services allow to simplify the process of data acquisition and data preparation for the analysis, speeding up the timing of research.


What data?

The National Statistical Institute (Istat) periodically releases microdata files of its Italian surveys. At present are available three data types:


  • standard file: is the format used by Istat for data dissemination since 2012, although some surveys are disseminated in this format yet. Standard file could be only disseminated by Istat, upon registration and filling a request module (through the Cont@ct Centre)
  • micro.STAT file: is a Public Use File, the main format of data dissemination since 2013. Data is released according to Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 Licence. To download the data you need to register to Istat website. Here you can find the complete list of micro.STAT files released by Istat
  • microfile for research (MFR): is the format that includes the most information compared with the other formats. MFR files could be only disseminated by Istat, upon filling a research proposal for which access to data is required, and the necessary information of all persons requesting access


What UniData services?

All Istat data are released in ASCII format. In order to use it you need to import the data in a statistical software following the specific instructions. In order to simplify the researcher’s work and speed up the timing of research, UniData provides for all data types (micro.STAT, standard e MFR) a data import service. The service includes also the labeling of variables according to the Istat’s rules and supplying a dataset ready to use.
Moreover, depending on the type of Istat file required, you can choose the following services:


    • for micro.STAT files UniData provides the access to the survey’s metadata (documentation, technical and methodological information) and the free download of the microdata files. The UniData members can use the statistical software format (SPSS, Stata, R or SAS), and other users can download the microdata in CSV format


  • for standard and MFR files UniData provides the access to the survey’s metadata (documentation, technical and methodological information) and a management service of data request (from request activation to import of the microdata files in the statistical software format required)


The services are free for UniData members. For other users is required a refund to be agreed according to the request.


UniData provides services concerning the Istat surveys related to the following themes: