ADPSS-Sociodata is a specialised unit in applying information technologies for the analysis and archiving of research data in social sciences.

The structure of ADPSS-Sociodata is developed like the European and U.S. University Data Archives and it answers to two mains requirements:

  • On one hand, it carries out a “data politic” not only in the acquisition, archiving, documentation and diffusion of data sets, but also, more in general, in the diffusion of the quantitative and qualitative research methods, of the secondary analysis and statistic and managerial packages.
  • On the other hand, it pursues the aim of conserving the increasing data for social sciences, archiving and making available in the academic market for the secondary analysis. The use of specific software and statistic programmes becomes a collateral activity of increasing importance, like the development of quantitative techniques and methods of social analysis.