Access Modality

The accessibility of the available data sets changes according to the agreements taken with the producing agency and to the quality of data.

The available data in ADPSS-Sociodata are exclusively used for scientific purposes of research and for didactic activities. The data are available only for the user who has demanded it and they cannot be duplicated or distributed without the ADPSS-Sociodata authorisation. Moreover, it is required, in according to the dispositions of CESSDA (Council of European Social Sciences Data Archives), the citation of the data source and the Italian data archive which made them available. The users must communicate to ADPSS-Sociodata the outcome of analysis carried out and eventual publications or research reports.

ADPSS-Sociodata divides the data into three types:

- AVAILABLE Data: accessible data to all users who require it. For this data is expected a refund of charges changeable in according to the data required, to costs of elaboration, archiving or transmission.
- AVAILABLE Data BY AUTHORIZATION: accessible data only by authorization of the Scientific Responsible of Research who have produced them.
- RESERVED Data for ICPSR members: data available only to Italian ICPSR members.