We bring back the articles of the archive statute.


In the Department of Sociology and Social Research of University of Milano-Bicocca it is constituted the data archive ADPSS-Sociodata with the purpose of collecting, recording and diffusing data for social sciences. The functions of archive are:
1. acquisition, archiving, documentation of data for social sciences;
2. diffusion of data for secondary analysis;
3. development of quantitative and qualitative research technologies beyond to statistics and managerial packages useful for social research. The aim consists to improve the empirical research methods, also by means of organization of seminary and educational courses about collection and analysis methods for social research.

Moreover, the data archive works for national and international coordination of Italian data archive network The aim is to facilitate the data and knowledge portability and to make possible the interaction between different groups of researchers about single project of research.

ART. 2

The organs of the data archive are:
- the Scientific Committee;
- the President of Scientific Committee;
- the Project Leader;

The Scientific Committee is named from Department Council and it is composed by three professors. The president of Scientific Committee, who is a right member, is named from Department Director who answers to the proposal of Scientific Committee. The Project Leader is named from Director of Department of Sociology and Social Research, proposed by the Scientific Committee, and he is a right member of Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee have to define the programme of activities of data archive and verify their performance.
The task of the Project Leader consists in putting the program established by the Scientific Committee into effect and write an annual relation about the activities of data archive. Moreover, he has to control the patrimonial, materials and human resources.

ART. 3

The procedures for the recording and the distribution of data are defined in the attached document (see the “Guide lines for the recording and the distribution of data” document, realised according to the international standards approved from CESSDA and IFDO). This procedures are approved every years by the Scientific Committee on proposal of the Project Leader of data archive.
Annually, the Project Leader predisposes for Scientific Committee a plan of work that can be periodically updated, establishing the priority of activities according to the available resources.

ART. 4

The Data Archive carries out the functions described in ART. 1 according to the resources assigned from the Department of Sociology and Social Research, resources coming from distribution of data, through a specific tariff approved of Scientific Committee, or resources coming from university projects of research, from MIUR (Ministery of Educazion, University and Research), or any public or private agency.

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