Collection: Time Use

The Time Use survey is part of an integrated system of social surveys (Multiscopo Surveys on Households) and it is an important instrument in order to observe the daily time organization of household's components. The main feature of this survey is the drawing up of a daily diary with the subdivision of the 24 hours in 144 sections of 10 minutes each. Every section is filled out with information on daily activities of interviewed, like transfers and hangout places with friends. Therefore, the information collected are very detailed as compared with traditional questionnaires.

The survey data are used to analyse some interesting aspects of daily life: the gender differences in labour market (also for the not paid work); the activities and needs of specific social categories (like children or elders); the relation between the time spending in work, study, leisure and family care; the using time of services and places; the use of information and communication technologies. Therefore, the survey provides useful and detailed background information in order to develop: family policies more careful combining work activities and family responsabilities; labour market policies more aware in respect of new type of work; social policies for child and elders needs; a better planning of public transport services, based on information relating to daily transfers and transport used.