Collection: Health Conditions and Use of Health Services

consalThe Health conditions and use of health services survey is part of the Istat Multiscopo system started in 1993, and is repeated every five years. The first thematic research on health has been carried out by ISTAT in 1980 and subsequently other surveys were conducted in 1983, 1986/87 , 1990/91 in 1994, in 1999-2000, in 2004-2005 and then in 2012-2013. The informations obtained directly from the citizens are very usuful to improve and plan the health policies, both national and local. The main topics investigated are the acute and chronic diseases, several types of disability, the disability conditions, lifestyles (overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, ect.), the health prevention, the overall assessment of health condition, the participation in social life, the relationship of citizens with health services (use of medical visits, diagnostic tests, hospitalization, rehabilitation services, etc. and overall opinion on them), the use of medicine and non-conventional therapies. It also deal with certain aspects of the birth event (pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding). The health information collected from the citizens have a great social importance, and they are conducted in all EU countries. Therefore the survey represents a useful source of information for planning social and health policies at European, national and regional levels.