About Us

logo_UD_500x500_icona_NO_sottotitoloUnidata – Bicocca Data Archive is an interdepartmental center of the University of Milan-Bicocca, born in 2015. The center is the Italian point of reference for the research data archiving and dissemination, based on the example of the National Archives located in major European countries and beyond.

UniData inherits the long work from the ADPSS-Sociodata Data Archive, born in 1999 in the Department of Sociology and Social Research at the same University. Over the last fifteen years the Data Archive has been operating in the field of standardization of the information available on the research data (metadata), it has been facilitating the dissemination of the most important surveys conducted at national and international level (Eurobarometer, European Social Survey, Word Value Survey etc.) in Italy and it has been helping to popularize in the Italian context standards, practices and processes widely adopted by the main Data Archives.


From this experience, UniData means to evolve – consistent with the directives of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) – as a solid, multidisciplinary research infrastructure within the national and international scientific community, focusing on three areas:


  1. Disseminate and share data. Based on its multidisciplinary nature, UniData plans to become, in the long-time period, the point of reference for Italian scientific community. The objective is to create the new Italian Data Archive and become the Italian representative for the CESSDA network.
  2. Enhance the secondary analysis. Particular attention covers the promotion of responsible use of empirical data, the data sharing and dissemination, and the development of methodological tools to help the data analysis
  3. Promote inter-disciplinary research. UniData aims to support the convergence, integration and collaboration among different disciplines, both inside University of Milano-Bicocca and in the whole Italian scientific community.



Rules for access to the data distributed by UniData