Collection: Trips and holidays

vv"Trips and holidays" is a quarterly survey conducted from 1997 to 2013 on tourism. The main objective is collect information in order to quantify and analyse the Italian flow of tourism, both within the country and abroad, and provide information about trips and sociodemographic factors of tourist. The sample is composed by all household component with 18 years old and more, and the survey periods are january-march, april-june, july-september and october-december. For each period the survey collect information about all trips finished in that quarter, regardless of starting date.


Compared to past Italian surveys on holidays, "Trips and holidays" survey also collect, for the first time, information on short holidays (1-3 nights) and job tourism. The survey represents the first experience of quarterly data on trips with at least one overnight for work or holiday. This feature allows to provide, in addiction to the customers data from tourism infrastructure, information on the number and characteristics of trips and tourists. Therefore, the survey provides useful information in order to understand the complexity of tourism.


From 2014 that information are collected through the "Trips and holidays focus" included in the Household Expenditure survey.


Trips and holidays (2016)