How to get the data

UniData is operating in acquisition, preservation and dissemination of data through its Data Archive. In general, UniData promotes the open access, ensuring widespread access to its users, according to the limits set by the data producers. Data use restrictions are reported in the data licence or in the agreements contracting between UniData and the data producer. Each data description page shows the access conditions and the possible restrictions.


The conditions and procedures to data access are stated in the specific document (in Italian).

Who can access to data?
Concerning data access UniData provides two kind of users:

  • members: all professors, researchers, research fellows and PhD students coming from the Departments of University of Milano-Bicocca belonging to the UniData center; all individuals who sign individually or refer to entities that subscribe to the annual membership fee.
  • not members: all those who don’t belong to the previous category

Members can access to all the data archived in UniData. If you already have an account (you can register using this link), please log in using the login page.

Data access for not members depends on following conditions:

  • data are available if  the data source agrees to the data dissemination. An account is required (registration). A refund may be required for the archiving services;
  • data are restricted if data source doesn’t agree to the data dissemination or asks for more information about the data usage. In that case UniData can’t directly distribute the dataset.

For futher information see the Rules for access to the data distributed by UniData (in Italian) or contact us.


Becoming a UniData member is very easy and fast. Members can access to all the data archived and, moreover, they have a free access to the following services:

  • Search and review of data for specific topic
  • Preparing data for secondary analysis (basic services)
  • Support for Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • Manage of Istat data requests
  • Manage of Eusostat data requests (only for University of Milano-Bicocca members)
  • Ad hoc data selection
  • Preparing data for archiving (metadata, data preservation, data dissemination)

The annual membership fee, available for all subjects (public or private) is 3.000 euros.

Please contact us in order to becoming a UniData member or to receive more information on membership.