Multiscopo ISTAT – Health Conditions and Use of Health Services (2013)



Changelog (Archive version):

2.0 - 2016-03-11
* data update to the last release (2.0)
* the variables have been renamed as indicated by the source

1.0 - 2014-10-23
* data archiving



Changelog (Source release):

3.0 - 2016-02-09
* new dataset with the addition of the following information:
- citizenship by geographic area
- Cohabitation with parents, age at death of parents
- Absence from work for health reasons
- Ability to count on the help of family members to the care activities
- Use of mental health care centers
- Reasons not to continue to use non-conventional therapies
- BMI, excess weight in children and habit to control weight
- Information on the n. of employees and working hours
- Physical activity at work
- Presence at work although in poor health
- Impediments to access to your desidered work, to study for a degree, to leave home, to use means of transport, to access to buildings, to meet friends/relatives, to take care for their hobbies/interests, to use Internet
- Difficulty in upholding the essential expenses
- Difficulty in remembering and concentrating
- N. of teeth
- Pregnancy: disorders, behavior, birth, baby feeding
* Compared to the previous release, the following information is deleted:
- Expenses for specialist visits, tests, hospitalizations, rehabilitation treatments, drugs
* Changing the values of the following variables: ETA, COND, STAT, DISAB, MOVI, VUPI, CIH, DIF
* Survey's documentation (codebook and methodological notes) updated

1.0 - 2014/07/23
* 1st release


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Data Kind:
individual data

Time Dimensions:
longitudinal (trend repeated cross-section)

Series Name:
CONSAL - Health Conditions and Use of Health Services

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The survey Health condition and use of health services survey is part of the Istat Multiscopo system started in 1993. It has been repeated in 1999-2000 and 2004-2005. The survey collects data on health status and use of health services of the Italian population.

The topics, in the survey 2012-2013, are health conditions (health status perception, presence of chronic diseases, etc..), the presence of disability, lifestyle (smoking habits, physical activity, etc.)., prevention, use of health services, the use of drugs or non-conventional therapies and the motherhood from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

In order to minimize the seasonal effect of phenomena, very important for the health’s issues, the survey was conducted on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December on the resident population in Italy.


The main survey’s topics are:

  • disorders, illnesses or accidents;
  • disability and permanent damage;
  • medical examinations;
  • diagnostic tests;
  • health care costs for visits and inspections;
  • hospital services;
  • day hospital/day surgery;
  • surgery;
  • health services of rehabilitation;
  • home care;
  • non-conventional therapies;
  • weight, height, diet;
  • prevention;
  • prevention of women;
  • perceived health status;
  • chronic or long-term diseases;
  • drugs consumption;
  • physical activity;
  • tobacco consumption;
  • opinions on certain services of public utility;
  • pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

In order to optimize the time of use of the dataset (exclusively distributed from ISTAT for not member users), UniData offers a service of convertion from ASCII format to the main statistical software format (SPSS, Stata, R or SAS). For detailed information visit the Services for Istat Data page.

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Topic Classification:

  • HEALTH - accidents and injuries
  • HEALTH - childbearing, family planning and abortion
  • HEALTH - drug abuse, alcohol and smoking
  • HEALTH - general health
  • HEALTH - health care and medical treatment
  • HEALTH - physical fitness and exercise
  • HEALTH - specific diseases and medical conditions
  • Nations: Italy

    Geographical Unit: size community

    Analysis Unit: individual, family

    Universe: Whole national population

    Sample Procedure: About 50.000 families, 120.000 individualas. Two-stage stratified random sample

    Weight: Weight used. Please read the documentation for any details

    Collection Mode: face to face interview, self-administered questionnaire

    Collection Size: UniData supplies: 2 datasets in SPSS format (file ISTAT A: regional code and geographic division; file ISTAT B: geographic division and municipality width); 1 questionnaire in PDF format (ita); 1 PDF file with methodological notes; 1 PDF file with codebook (ita) (5 file)


    Methodological Notes (pdf):
    Codebook (pdf):
    DDI Documentation:
    DDI Documentation

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    ISTAT. (2013) Multiscopo ISTAT – Health Conditions and Use of Health Services. UniData - Bicocca Data Archive, Milan. Study Number SN128. Data file version 2.0

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