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Italian Labour Force Survey – January (2010)


The Italian Labour Force Survey is the most important survey about the labour situation in Italy. The main topic of this survey is the employment condition (professions, kind of working activity, job …

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Italian Labour Force Survey – July (2017)


The Italian Labour Force Survey is the main source of statistical information on the Italian labor market. The information gathered from the population constitutes the basis on which official estimati…

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Eurobarometer 88.2: integration of immigrants in the European Union and corruption (2017)

European Commission

The Eurobarometer survey is designed to provide regular monitoring of public social and political attitudes in the EU through specific trend questions. Therefore, the general aim of EB is to know the …

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Multiscopo ISTAT – Aspects of daily life (2016)


The survey Aspects of Daily Life, which is part of an integrated system of social surveys – Multiscopo ISTAT – reveals the basic information relating to the daily lives of individuals and families. Si…

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The experience of illness and the needs of women with an ovarian cancer diagnosis (2014)

Montali, Lorenzo (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)
Camussi, Elisabetta (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)

Data are based on a qualitative study concerning to experiences and needs of women with an ovarian cancer diagnosis. The ovarian cancer is the second by spread among gynecological cancers, and in Ital…