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News from the archive – January 2013

In January 2013 ADPSS-Sociodata archive has updated the following surveys: Multiscopo “Aspects of Daily Life” (Istat, 2011) – new acquisition Civic Culture Study (Almond, Gabriel, Verba, 1959-1960) – documentation edition updated


ESS Toplines

European Social Survey

Two issues of the ESS Topline Results Series have now been published: Trust in Justice: Toplines Results from Round 5 of the European Social Survey presents the key findings from the […]


New electronic journal “Survey Methods”

We point out a new open-access electronic journal “Survey Methods: Insights from the Field”. It is co-edited by the Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences (FORS) and GESIS – […]


Forum Qualitative Social Research: special issue about qualitative archives

A special issue of the electronic journal Forum Qualitative Social Research concerns the qualitative archives and biographical research methods. More informations on the journal website.