Welcome UniData – Bicocca Data Archive !

We are pleased to share the news about creation of UniData – Bicocca Data Archive, the new interdepartmental center of the University of Milan-Bicocca.


UniData inherits the long work from ADPSS-Sociodata and it means to be a solid infrastructure of multidisciplinary research and share data, specially in open access. This is an important development that has involved the ADPSS-Sociodata in the last years, of which UniData has replaced all services.


The new centre is a joint project coming from eight departments of the University of Milano-Bicocca. The project aims to create a center for excellence in data sharing, enhance the secondary analysis and to promote a responsible data use in the social, economic and environmental studies.


Over the past months, we have worked to build the technical infrastructure, write contents and manage the transition tasks necessary to consolidate and integrate the existing services. In the next months we will carry out the latest updates needed to complete the transition from ADPSS-Sociodata to the new research infrastructure.