Deformation and meteorological data of the Khoko landslide, Enguri, Republic of Georgia (2016-2020)

Tibaldi, Alessandro (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)


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Methodological Notes
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The data have been collected in the framework of a research focused on the study of the active Khoko landslide in the Greater Caucasus, which is a mountain belt characterized by deep valleys, steep slopes and frequent seismic activity, the combination of which results in major landslide hazard. Along the eastern side of the Enguri water reservoir lies the Khoko landside, whose head scarp zone affects the important Jvari-Khaishi-Mestia road, one of the few connections with the interior of the Greater Caucasus. The monitoring system was set up in the framework of a NATO-funded project, aimed at assessing different types of geohazards affecting the Enguri artificial reservoir and the related hydroelectrical plant.


In particular data deal with measurement time series taken over the period 2016-2020. Data include information on slope deformation, meteorological factors and man-induced perturbations of the water level variations of the reservoir. The monitoring system we used is composed of two digital extensometers, placed within two artificial trenches excavated across the landslide head scarp. The stations are equipped also with internal and external thermometers. The dataset is integrated by daily measurements of rainfall and lake level. Data indicate that the Khoko landslide displacements appear to be controlled by variations in hydraulic load, in turn induced by lake level oscillations, with a delay of months between lake infilling and extension rate increase. Rainfall and temperature variations do not affect slope deformations.


Data are composed by four separate files, two relating to the measurements from the strain gauges (deformations and temperatures, both inside the instrument and outside at the two landslide measurement sites), one relating to the rainfall and one relating to lake level variations.

For further information please refer to the methodological note.

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    Source Contact: Alessandro Tibaldi - Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

    Tibaldi, Alessandro. (2016-2020) Deformation and meteorological data of the Khoko landslide, Enguri, Republic of Georgia. Oppizzi, Paolo [Producer]. Bonali, Fabio [Producer]. Pasquarè Mariotto, Federico [Producer]. Tsereteli, Nino [Producer]. Mebonia, Levan [Producer]. UniData - Bicocca Data Archive, Milan. Study Number SI384. Data file version 2.0 doi:10.20366/unimib/unidata/SI384-2.0

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