Ageing in a Networked Society – Social Experiment Study (2019-2020)

Guaita, Antonio (Fondazione Golgi Cenci)
Sala, Emanuela (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)
Zaccaria, Daniele (Fondazione Golgi Cenci, Centro competenze anziani - Scuola Universitaria professionale della Svizzera Italiana)


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As part of the project Aging in a Networked Society: Older people, Social Networks and well-being a Social Experiment Study (ANS – SE) was conducted with the aim of assessing the impact of Social Networking Sites (SNS) use on loneliness and social isolation.
The study is a randomized controlled trial conducted on people aged 78 and over residing in Abbiategrasso, a town located in the Milan area. The experiment involved 144 people divided into three groups: a treatment group (attendance to a course on SNS use), an active control group (attendance to a course on lifestyle education of older people) and an inactive control group (inclusion in a waiting list).


The first dataset (called “esperimento“) contains information about a multidimensional assessment received by the participants before and after the intervention. In particular, the assessment covered several dimensions: cognitive functions, general health, loneliness and social isolation.

The second dataset (called “follow-up“) contains information related to the assessment conducted on 130 subjects one year after the intervention. The assessment entailed also the collection of study members’ views and perceptions on the role of ICTs and SNSs in promoting social relationships. The follow-up took place during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic and, although indirectly, it constitutes an interesting resource since it is concerned people particularly exposed to this Coronavirus.

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Topic Classification:

  • HEALTH - general health
  • HEALTH - physical fitness and exercise
  • HEALTH - specific diseases and medical conditions
  • SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - information technology
  • SOCIETY AND CULTURE - social behaviour and attitudes
  • SOCIETY AND CULTURE - time use
  • Nations: Italy

    Geographical Cover:
    City of Abbiategrasso

    Geographical Unit: not applicable

    Analysis Unit: individual

    Universe: Individuals who took part in the third follow-up of the InveCe.Ab Study

    Sample Procedure: 144 individuals. No sampling data (for selection of participants see the documentation)

    Weight: No weight used

    Collection Mode: face to face interview, Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

    Collection Size: UniData supplies: 2 dataset in SPSS format; 1 questionnaire in PDF format (ita); 1 methodological notes in PDF format (ita); 1 codebook in PDF format (ita); 1 UniData's archive notes in PDF format (ita) (6 file)


    Methodological Notes (pdf):
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    DDI Documentation


    1. Zaccaria, D., Guaita, A., Vaccaro, R., Casanova, G., Abbondanza, S., Pettinato, L., Cerati, G., Rolandi, E., Sala, E. (2020). Assessing the impact of Social Networking Site use on older people’s loneliness and social isolation. A randomized controlled trial: The Aging in a Networked Society-Social Experiment Study (ANS-SE). Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 19, doi: 10.1016/j.conctc.2020.100615
    2. Rolandi, E., Vaccaro, R., Abbondanza, S., Casanova, G., Pettinato, L., Colombo, M., & Guaita, A. (2020). Loneliness and social engagement in older adults based in lombardy during the covid-19 lockdown: The long-term effects of a course on social networking sites use. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(21), 1-12. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17217912

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    Source Contact: Antonio Guaita

    Guaita, Antonio; Sala, Emanuela; Zaccaria, Daniele. (2019-2020) Ageing in a Networked Society – Social Experiment Study. Zaccaria, Daniele [Producer]. Vaccaro, Roberta [Producer]. Rolandi, Elena [Producer]. UniData - Bicocca Data Archive, Milan. Study Number SN216. Data file version 1.0 doi:10.20366/unimib/unidata/SN216-1.0

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